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Sunday, July 09, 2006


I don't know how I missed Tara Janzen's novels about the Steele Street Special Defense Force bad boys, but I did.

However, the cover of the current title grabbed me at the book store and refused to let go. I took the book home and started reading, at once immersed in an action-packed world swimming in testosterone, muscle cars and kick-butt women who know how to handle the men, the cars, the weapons and the action.

Although this book is about Dylan Hart and Skeeter Bang (you just have to love some of the names the author comes up with!), you'll also get to meet Superman and the others.

Tara Janzen writes an absolutely unputdownable book that rocks and rolls to the end.

As a result, I went back to my favorite bookseller and picked up the previous four books and pre-ordered the sixth. I wanna read 'em all!

In the beginning, there were only supposed to be six books in the series. But sales and fans have pushed that into more titles. So we can look forward to more CRAZY goodness to come!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

STORM FORCE is coming!

Hi All,

I've been remiss in adding to the blog. Taking me a little while to get the hang of it. And to figure out what to say.

I've been working on my next book but I recently got through the line-edits for STORM FORCE, my next novel. It's due out in December. I think it's going to be a fantastic read.

Kate Garrett is a wilderness guide in Everglades City, Florida. She's the mother of two children, but her rich ex-husband has managed to keep them away from her except for limited visitation. Now he's called her out of the blue and asked her to keep them.

Suspicious but grateful, Kate picks up her kids (after stopping to help a prison bus that flipped over on the highway in front of her and having her Jeep stolen), and her life goes totally crazy. Out at the campsites she operates, telling people that Hurricane Genevieve is bearing down on them and they have to get to high ground, Kate winds up face-to-face with the escaped prisoners she met earlier that day.

Raymond Jolly and his crew were in prison for the kidnapping/murder of an heiress. The ten million dollar ransom was never found. Now he's out looking for it again, and he captures Kate to use as a guide. Bad boy Shane Williams is another convict who's along to help Jolly and his group get out of the country. But despite the fact that he's a criminal, Kate finds herself attracted to Shane.

In the hands of convicts who will doubtlessly murder her when she's guided them out of the wilderness, with the worst storm in history bearing down on her, Kate Garrett rises to the challenge. The convicts have made one fatal error -- they're on Kate's turf now, and nobody does it better.

Hope you enjoy it!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Blogs Away!

Hi All.

After hearing so many good things about blogging lately, I decided to join in.

I'm the author of 3 romance novels in the Bombshell line, and two novellas. The first two novels have been printed, and the third is coming out in December. I'm currently working on the fourth as well as two more in the new Athena Force maxi-series coming out in 2007.

My first book was

With a nice review.

At *least* twice the fun, January 27, 2005
Robin C. "perfectmotion" (Claremont, CA USA) - See all my reviewsDouble-Cross may be a romance at heart, but it more than holds its own in the action genre as well. Samantha St. John is a higly trained CIA operative who finds herself accused of treason when a video shows up that appears to contain footage of herself participating in terrorist acts. To make matters worse, while on the run she learns that one of her friends from the Academy that trained her has been murdered. Pretty soon, she finds herself chasing knowlege that may help bring the killer to justice while trying to clear her own name, and the two plotlines converge into an exciting and ultimately satisfying read. One of Double-cross's greatest strengths is its fast pace and flawless action. Fletcher paints smooth and plausible scenes, and leaves just enough clues to make the whole book an exciting read without giving everything away. Her combat scenes are well choreographed and easy to read, and the way she handles intrigue and discovery is with a deft but effective hand. The other great strength Double Cross has is its romantic angle - namely, a flirtation with hero and fellow CIA agent Riley McLane. So often, scenes in romances are forced or contrived, but not in Double-Cross. Here both Hero and Heroine are focused mainly on their respective missions (which are sometimes at odds, but not always), and it is in working together and learning to trust that their relationship grows. Readers looking for tons of steamy sex scenes had best look elsewhere, but for those of us who just want to see a smart savvy herione succeed *and* find a spark of love on the way, this book makes it happen with style. Aside from a few slightly contrived sensual scenes, the working chemistry between Sam and Riley is right on the money. They're a sexy and well-matched duo, and their arc grows from the story in an entirely natural way. Despite the fact that this book is one in a series, I found it to be completely sufficient as a standalone. It was the first Athena Force book I've read, so I can't speak for possible 'spoiling' previous novels, but I never felt information was being unfairly held back or skipped over. The resolution is ultimately a satisfying one by all accounts, and while it did leave me hungry for more Athena Force, there was no bitter aftertaste of "I have to buy the next book to find out?" My one complaint - and the thing that keeps this book from a 5-star rating - would be the author's treatment of Sam's sexual experience. In one particularly jarring moment we're supposed to believe that our confident, sexy, CIA agent is more inexperienced/naive than your average high schooler, and two sensual scenes in particular are a little forced. But overall, the treatment of the main couple made this an excellent read. Great action, a touch of genuine and well-developed romance, and a plot that kept me turning pages. 4 stars to Double Cross, and a big thumbs-up. I'll be watching for more of Merideth Fletcher in the future.

The second book was

With a nice review from

Roller-coaster thriller!, June 18, 2006
Merline Lovelace (Oklahoma City, OK) - See all my reviews Wow! From Amsterdam to Leipzig to Arizona to Moscow to the Greek Isles, the action never lets up as twin sisters Samantha St John and Elle Petrenko hunt their parents' killers. The twisty trail also leads them to the man who murdered Athena Academy's founder and a deadly biological agent that could destroy the world. Throw in a hunky bad guy trying to go good for Elle, a sexy CIA agent with the hots for Sam and things boil over fast!

You'll be seeing more of me. I promise!